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Cosatto are saving the world from boring baby stuff Cosatto are saving the world from boring baby stuff

Ever Moving Forward.

Look around you. This website - your sanctuary and style haven - is evolving. Always moving forward. Like you with our wheels. Thanks for letting us share your wild adventure. We’re with you. Let’s go.


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We’re so confident your baby will be happy and content in their pram we guarantee 100 days of happy baby - or you get your money back. Simple.





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We did a test. 8 out of 10 kids chose Cosatto. So what are you waiting for? The kids have spoken. Take their lead.

Choose happy. Choose Cosatto.






2015 - 2016

Wonder of the World.

Protective, snug, complete - we think you’re bloomin’ wonderful and launch the bump campaign to celebrate. It’s all about expressing your baby joy with welcome-to-the-world pattern. Which Giggle 2 are you? That is the eternal question. 

Then it happens. After a decade of dreaming. We create Wonder. The classic pram. Redefined.  Launched to an emotional response (and that’s just at HQ), it’s about sensing the wonder of it all. There’s no truer Cosatto sentiment than that. 

giggle travel system

2011 - 2014

Saving the World from Boring Baby Stuff.

It’s the reason we do what we do. Our mission is born amid much wearing of superhero capes, masks and unfortunately, lycra at Cosatto HQ. We believe having a baby is a celebration. Everything else just follows that truth. 

It's seen in our award-winning products and our Cosatto Cuddle - taking customer service to unprecedented levels.

You rock our world.

yo golightly

2007 - 2010

World Changing. Game Changing. We invent our revolutionary 4 year guarantee. The world sits up and takes notice. It covers that journey from dot to kid. That’s a peaceful little lifetime of use. 

Why pay extra when you can travel all-inc? We decide to pop all our accessories in with your product. No hidden costs at checkout. Great value is one of our core values.

We launch Buy One Get One Tree. It’s a world changer. Literally. A huge forest follows. Each month we give a percentage of our profits to a different charity.

about us

2003 - 2006

Announcing our Arrival. From roots in Italy, Cosatto ends up in England. Place ain’t been the same since. Bright stuff starts happening. Babies start celebrating. Patterns pop. Big time. 

Wake up World. Andrew Kluge, our CEO dons a Hawaiian shirt and shakes things up. Baby Stuff with Personality is born. Wheels that shout out who you are. A few world firsts and a nation of happy babies later, Cosatto are Saving the World from Boring Baby Stuff. Historians trace it all back to that shirt. 

great british design


Always innovative, Cosatto channel the very essence of modern British style. Be bold. Express yourself. This is iconic British redefined and it’s so you. 

4 year guarantee


We invented the original 4  year guarantee. It’s a solid guarantee for real life. It’s unlikely you’ll need it but that’s not the point. Once you buy your Cosatto, you’re in the family.

Cosatto great place to work award


We’ve done it again. Our HQ is officially the 2nd best place to work in the whole UK. Of course it is. We’re on a mission to Save the World and the revolution starts at home.

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