Returning our lovely stuff

When you get your Cosatto item, if you do not agree with us that it is lovely stuff and you just do not like it, we will have it back from you. Please pack it all away again in all of the original packaging, contact us by e-mail let us know your order number as it will speed things up - and we will arrange an uplift from the address of your choosing. As soon as we get it back, we will quickly give it the once over, making sure that it is in tip top condition, ie. it has not been outside, there are no crumbs, no stains and no funny smells. We will then credit you in full for the product but sadly not the carriage.

When you get your parcel, if the box is damaged tell the driver and write it on his note, if the goods are damaged inside, sent us an e-mail straight away and we will sort it out for you.


Bumf Notice

None of the above affects your statutory rights as a consumer this is a quick, simple explanation of what we can do for you when buying our lovely stuff.


Governing Law – the contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes between us