Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ's? Get flippin' answers quick with our font-of-all-knowledge. If you can't find your question please contact us.

If you have a product-specific question let the Help Zone help you.


How long does it take for delivery? 

Delivery to most areas of England and Wales is next working day. For Scottish highlands, Northern Ireland and Ireland, delivery is 2 days. Other islands can differ. Please contact us for further info. Read more about our delivery options here.

How do I become a Cosatto product Reviewer or Tester? 

If you would like to put yourself forward please visit the contact us section and select the marketing option on the ‘contact us’ form.

Can I get a copy of my product's instruction manual?

If you visit our Help Zone section, you'll be able to download the manual from the product page.

Where are your products sold overseas?

Please visit our stockists page and follow the instructions on screen.

How can I get an update on my product delivery or repair?

Please use the contact us page and use one of the various methods of communication available to get in touch. Please send through as much info as possible as it will allow us to respond much more efficiently.

How do I get free delivery? 

Buy one of our amazing products, something... anything... and we’ll throw it in. Like with our products, everything's included.

(Spare parts not included, full new products only).

How much does spare part delivery cost? 

Spare part delivery costs £5. This is next day (Excluding Highlands, islands and NI/Eire) delivery that is tracked so we can make sure your parts get to you as fast and safely as possible, we know how important it is to get you Cosatto fabulous again.

Can I come and visit your showroom? 

With pleasure! We love people to come and visit us. Please bear in mind our showroom is unmanned so instead of a drop-in scenario, you need to contact us and we’ll book you in and get our best china out.

What kind of warranty does your product come with? 

We have a fab free 4 year guarantee. That’s a long time when you think about it.

I can’t find my batch number. Help! 

The batch number is on a white label that is usually obscured from view. It’s a week number followed by a year such as 52/2012. The position differs per product but if you’ve flipped it upside down, had a good look and still can’t find it, get in touch. We’ll point you in the right direction.

Do you offer a finance option? 

Yes. Check out your options here.

If I need to send my product back to be cuddled how long will you have it for? 

Just give us five working days. In the vast majority of cases we’ll collect, repair and return in that timescale. Occasionally a further cuddle is required but we keep you so in the loop.

Can I buy direct from you and do you price match? 

Yes you can! Go for it! Just click SHOP in the main website navigation area. We do not price match and all of our products are sold at the RRP - except in our special offers and those found in our Outlet section.

What is not covered in your guarantee? 

For full terms and conditions please visit our 4 Year Guarantee page, it will detail all you need to know about our supa dupa 4 year guarantee.

Which cars do your car seats fit into? 

We do not have a list of cars but if you speak to your retailer they should be happy to help you test it out prior to purchase.

Infrequently Asked Questions

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