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Car Seats

Discover car seats with state of the art safety features, from Extended Rear Facing, to time-lock technology, from safe-fit systems to exclusive anti-escape systems. Discover seats they love to sit in. 



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Cosatto anti-escape system

RAC by Cosatto

i-Size Car Seat

Birth to 105cm (Approx 4 Years Old)

Safety on our roads has always been an important issue for the RAC. So teaming up with Cosatto to develop a pioneering car seat packed with the latest safety innovations was an easy decision.

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Baby Car Seats

Group 0+

Birth to around 12-15 months

Lightweight, portable and affordable, it is a requirement to have a car seat to bring your newborn home from hospital. Up to 13kg (29lbs)

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Toddler Car Seats

Group 1

Nine months to around four and a half years

The next stage. These are toddler car seats that cocoon with extra padding, side impact protection and adjustable comfort. 9kg-18kg (20-40lb)

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Child Car Seats

Group 2/3

Three years up to around twelve years

These are child car seats, in it for the long haul from toddler to big kid. From height adjustable headrests to extra-cushioned side impact protection you’ll find a variety of options with our collection. 15kg - 36kg (33lb-5st 9lb)

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Paloma x Cosatto

Paloma Faith brings leopard print – the darling of the high street and wildest catwalk trend.


Port Group 0+ >

All in All Group 0+/1/2/3 >

Zoomi Group 1/2/3 >


Group 0+ Car Seat Bases

Choose your ISOFIX in-car base for extra stability and fit ‘n’ go convenience.

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Car Seat Adaptors

Group 0+ car seat adaptors are available for Port and Hold Mix. Also pop your other brand car seat onto our Wow, Giggle 2 and Woop travel systems with Cosatto Multi-brand Adaptors.

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